Dr. Kulp’s Story

When I was younger, I was sick all of the time. I had skin issues, female issues, gut issues, headaches and more. I was on a trip to Boston and I found myself in another ER room with yet another doctor. This time, the doctor said I was a candidate for a hysterectomy and should have it done immediately.

Only being 19, I wasn’t sure a hysterectomy was the road I wanted to take. So, I quickly retreated home and met with more physicians- who didn’t find a solution to my problem.

I thought I had a fairly good diet- a few peanut butter tastycakes and a pot of coffee was a great breakfast. Lunch to improve, maybe a sandwich with lunch meat and cheese and a Diet Coke. Dinner was my best meal of the day, I might have steak or chicken, a potato and one of the two vegetables I ate- peas or corn, I didn’t like many foods, I didn’t like vegetables, and I didn’t drink any water. But- I had youth on my side and I thought I was invincible.

I was always at some type of doctor’s office. I had taken many does of antibiotics ever since I was a child. I took even more as an adult. I can recall one guy saying “I’m not sure what’s wrong with you this time, but try these pills.” I was feeling like I might have other problems, but I knew it was connected to my health somehow.

I worked in the health club industry teaching exercise classes. I had an injury at the gym which lead me to a chiropractor- since medicine wasn’t working for me this time. Over the next few months, as my chiropractor began to get to know me and my many health issues, he offered new unheard of suggestions. After a while, he suggested I see his wife who was a nutritionist in his office. I did- and that was the start of me regaining my health.

Although I was challenged with all of the new lifestyle changes, it all finally made sense to me. Statements like- I was not deficient in these drugs, but may be deficient in nutrients that could set my body back on track. This was the beginning to my road to recovery. I had lots of work to do, physical and emotion. I needed to heal from the inside out, fix imbalances and most importantly- learn how to eat for my health.

I ended up later being hired as an assistant in her practice and that’s what got me fired up. All I knew for myself, was I wanted to help others.

I started on the track of learning everything I could about nutrition, health and wellness. While I worked there, I was sent to school to be a massage therapist, studying multiple types of soft tissues. I trained to me a colonic therapist and more.

Then, I went to American College of Naturopathy. I went on to chiropractic school at Logan University and became a chiropractor. I opened my practice in Berks County, which is where I still practice today. After year of practice, I still felt that there was a missing link.

So, I went back to school once again. I went for my diplomate degree in nutrition which opened up many doors. The combination of skills allowed me to offer a lot of help to many more people, since I now understand much of the biochemistry behind what makes diseases and disorders and sickness.

Currently, I am enrolled in the Institute for Functional Medicine and will try to learn deeper and wider about the nutrition problems that people have today. Working with IFM allows me to move the vehicle to do more intense valuations of patients, looking at the biochemistry, looking at their health history, and specific tests that will give us the answers that we need.

My number one priority in what I do is empower people to make changes in their own lives so they, too, can know what good and optimal health feels like.

And out of all of my trials, and being told I would never conceive, I have healed enough that I was able to bear 3 wonderful children. Now, I continue to care for my own health so I can age gracefully and watch my children’s lives grow and evolve.

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