Let’s all get more involved with our foods.

Let’s all get more involved in our foods so we are more in control of the foods we eat and what happens to our bodies as we associate with foods.

Invest your time with your foods. Become comfortable in your foods. Grow your own foods. We have gotten far away from food since we do not prepare or grow much of our own foods any longer.
Start with a simple plan set the table to make it an inviting place to be. A pleasantly set table will aid in wanting to spend more time there and we will eat slower at the table without the TV and distractions.

Enjoy the time you spent shopping looking for quality, good foods and make it a venture. Have the list with all the new ingredients you will need before you start the shopping process. Be sure to check the panty and make a menu list for the week before you go shopping so you have what you will need for the week ahead without frustration.

Try to slow down when eating. Be mindful to sit and eat verses standing. Try taking time to eat slowly. Be mindful of your eating habits. It is important to keep dinner time light, no stressful conversations. This can interfere with your digestion, causing gas and bloat.

Remember to pay attention to what you eat and how much so not to get in the habit of overeating and not paying attention to when you are full. Stop when full and save rest for another time. We do not need to clean our plates….. That is so old school and it is what’s gives us the obesity epidemic we currently have. Note it is just one piece of the obesity pie as we know it.

Tune out the distractions at meal time, turn off the TV, Facebook and phone. There is no call that cannot wait till after dinner. Guess why tell marketers call at dinner. They know we cannot let the phone ring so they call and disrupt your quiet time or family time to ask you silly question or to take a survey. Cherish your family time and make it a time that will not be disrupted by a sales person!

If portion control is an issue, I say go back to grandma’s old china the dinner plates that are not 14 inches across they may have been 8 inches. I always suggest we us a salad plate for dinner and have one serving.

Do not skip meals during the day it makes you over eat at dinner time. We can eat as much as two to three times to much when we skip meals. Eat little a lot of times per day; this is the trick to being satisfied all day and avoiding over eating.

Be honest with yourself, if you cannot eat just one or two of your favorite foods then avoid them all together. Do not go off on a binge and then you play the guilty food game with yourself.

Make food your friend and learn to use it to your benefit and learn about what are good and healthy foods.

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