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Kulp Nutrition and Wellness has been dedicated to helping you achieve specific health and wellness goals through comprehensive evaluations that help find the root cause to your specific health needs. Dr. Donna Kulp combines skills, testing and expertise that span the wellness spectrum. Dr. Kulp and her staff take a complete approach towards health by finding what works for you. Dr. Kulp is here to empower you to take your health back by working as a team to put you on the road to wellness.

Meet Dr. Kulp

Dr. Donna Kulp
Chiropractor and Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist with her Diplomate Degree in Clinical Nutrition
Completed education with the Institute of Functional Medicine.

Dr. Kulp’s love of learning and her own experiences with poor health led her on the path to helping others through their journey to wellness. Dr. Kulp began her work years as an assistant to a nutritionist. This inspired her drive to continue learning, and she later went on to Logan University and became a chiropractor. Dr. Kulp opened her practice in Berks County in 1992 where she still practices today.

Following her love of learning, and hoping to find more links to helping her patients’ health- Dr. Kulp furthered her education and received her Diplomate degree in Nutrition. This allows her to better help many people, as she understands the biochemistry behind what makes diseases, disorders, and sicknesses.

Dr. Kulp has also completed and extensive program with the Institute for Functional Medicine. Something Dr. Kulp understands is that nutrition is more than looking at diet or supplements. It is a deeper look into the individuals biochemistry, health history, genetics, lifestyle, exercise, stress and more.  Evaluation along with specialized testing, health history, and a timeline of your condition all allow us to unravel your health concerns.

“My number one priority is to empower people to make changes in their own lives, so they can know what good and optimal health feels like.”

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