New Patient

New Patient

Your Road to Wellness Starts Here

We understand that arriving at a doctor’s office for the first time can be nerve-wracking, especially when it comes too talking about your health. That’s why Kulp Nutrition and Wellness will prepare you with what you can expect!

What to Expect

Visit One:

Dr. Kulp starts all patient-centered problems with a thorough history. Let’s go back in time and recall when you last felt well. What happened around that time? History is often where we find your answers. Your first visit consists of you telling Dr. Kulp all about your issues, how you got to where you are, what you tried- what worked and what did not. You will complete a packet of information before you get to the office, this helps determine where Dr. Kulp will start your journey. You will receive a comprehensive exam with sseveral tests done in the office. Specific testing will be done to evaluate nutritional deficiencies. You will be required to provide a food log and diet history form as part of your paperwork. Dr. Kulp will make specific recommendations and discuss a plan for specific needs, including any additional testing.

Visit Two:

The second visit will be a review of your physical exam finding, health history, as well as any lab work or special testing that was done. This is where Dr. Kulp will begin to make recommendations for what we should do for your specific problem. (i.e. diet changes, lifestyle changes, supplements, exercise, etc.) If diet change is the route to take, you will be given specific recipes and a food plan for the week, along with what to expect from the specific diet, and why it was chosen for you. Likewise, supplementation may be recommended, you will receive full detail of when and how often to take supplements, as well as recommendations for retest. The second visit is the point when your specific program outline will be reviewed in detail. Dr. Kulp will make a recommendation for follow-up visits to evaluate the progress you have made.

Visit Three:

The third visit, and those following, are an opportunity to evaluate your program. This is the time when you will discuss any complications you may be having and make changes to the plan as needed. Re-checks will be done at these visits. Dr. Kulp will evaluate your success and follow-up on your goals. In addition, it may be recommended that you add specific care plans to better support your condition. These can be as simple as practicing/learning to read nutrition labels, how to get better sleep, etc. Each  plan is customized for each individual patient.

Dr. Kulp’s goal is for you to learn to stay on your road to wellness. Her goal is for you not to need her, except for a follow-up once a year to check on your progress.

Begin your journey to wellness today!