Diagnostic Testing

Why is Diagnostic Testing Important?

There are two types of people when it comes to health and wellness.

The first type believes he/she is generally a healthy individual. She chooses whole wheat bread over white bread, purchases organic vegetables when they are available; she enjoys eating salads, and loves to try all the new green juices. While person one is not a nutritionist, she tries her best to keep up with all the latest articles, and always watches the healthy cooking show- just so she stays up to date.

The second type of person has accepted being unhealthy. She has tried it in the past- but nothing ever works. Let’s face it, “I’ll feel unwell no matter what I eat- so why not enjoy my food? Plus, who can keep up with all those new trends and recommendations? Nothing works for everyone- how do you know what I need?”

Both types of people are correct for separate reasons. Making conscious decisions about the foods you eat and where it comes from is essential to your personal health and wellness. But, person two makes a great point- there is no cookie cutter answer, diet, or lifestyle that works for everyone. Every single human body has its own distinct needs. If those needs are not addressed- it can lead to serious health problems and a life of feeling unwell.

So- do you know what your individual body needs?

Have you ever gotten an inside look into exactly what is going on inside of you? Do you know exactly how healthy your heart is? Do you know specifically which nutrients your body is lacking, and by exactly how much?

Comprehensive diagnostic testing allows you to view your health and wellness through facts.

Kulp Nutrition & Wellness Center provides not only extensive diagnostic testing, but individualized and customized nutritional counseling to meet your specific needs and goals.

Dr. Donna Kulp could fill volumes of books with the different types of health problems she’s worked with over her 35 years of experience with nutritional counseling. Skin conditions, allergies, gut dysfunction, fatigue, Lyme Disease, cancer, and fibromyalgia are just a few. On top of that, she’s addressed patients of all ages.

But despite what category the health concerns are, or what age group the patient comes from- Dr. Kulp still says the same things, “Every single patient I work with is completely unique.”

Unfortunately, traditional medicine does not always allow for the unique-ness of each patient. Typically, traditional medicine works to cover symptoms.

Consider your past trips to the doctor- maybe you visited for diarrhea. You explained your symptoms and were grateful to receive a medicine that would relieve all your discomfort and set you back to “normal.”

Did you ever figure out what made that diarrhea start? Did it ever come back?

The Functional Medicine approach that Dr. Kulp utilizes focuses on treating the whole person. When the body experiences symptoms, it can be a sign of a greater problem, something lying under the surface. Symptoms are signals that the body is out of balance. So- if we only treat the symptoms, the underlying causes may remain. A great example is gut issues; it could be diet, parasites, gluten issues, or a more serious disease. How do we know?

Diagnostic testing coupled with consultations, allow you and Dr. Kulp to uncover not just your health concerns, but where they came from. Sometimes, linked symptoms have been occurring for 10-15 years in their own way. By uncovering all these pieces and pairing them together, you are able to begin your road to wellness. A timeline of health and illness aids in the process of how you got to where you are today.

A typical first visit with Dr. Kulp is usually more than an hour long visit. This leaves plenty of time to tell your full story. By unraveling your health history, you are able to identify what type of diagnostic testing best suits you.

Stool testing, for example, can give great insight into the gut health of an individual by detecting the presence of pathogenic microorganisms. It also determines the amount of beneficial bacteria that is in your GI tract. Micronutrient testing, on the other hand, provides an in-depth assessment of the levels of the most important vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fatty acids, and amino acids. Dr. Kulp also works with the Cleveland Heart Lab to test your cardiac (heart) health and risk factors. And there’s advanced blood work available- which provides a clinical status or starting off point.

These tests provide you with one thing you may not have had before- answers; a road map to wellness.

Results of diagnostic testing provides a framework for the program and lifestyle that will best fit your needs. Whether you need vitamin supplements, or a diet adjustment, every recommendation and program is customized to meet your needs, based on your health.

Do not guess what your condition is. Test to know what your problems are.

Begin your journey to wellness today!